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Points to Note for Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDHs)/ Employers
Regulation on “Exemption from Migrant Worker Placement Fees” by the Indonesian Government
  • The regulation on “Exemption from Migrant Worker Placement Fees” promulgated by the Indonesian Government was implemented on 2 August 2021.
  • Starting from the implementation date, Indonesian nationals applying for the ten specified types of jobs overseas (including the post of domestic helper) will be subject to the regulation. The Indonesian Government has issued a cost structure to employment agencies in Indonesia.
  • Please click here for details and its cost structure.
Money lender charging FDHs an interest rate exceeding statutory limit and requiring FDHs to surrender passports and employment contracts as collateral.
  • FDHs should not take out loans and borrow excessively. They should not repay employment agencies by borrowing money.
  • FDHs should keep their personal identification documents and the SEC. They should not sign any documents or agreements which they do not fully understand.
  • Employers and employment agencies should not be involved in the financial affairs of FDHs.
  • Under the Money Lenders Ordinance, a person carrying on business as a money lender in Hong Kong must obtain a money lender’s licence. Any person who lends or offers to lend money at an effective rate of interest which exceeds 48% per annum commits an offence and is liable to prosecution.
  • For any complaints against money lenders, please report to the Police.