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2019.08.23 New

Encourage foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) to receive Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination

To prevent infection and transmission in the community, the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health advises all FDHs who are non-immune to either measles or rubella to receive MMR vaccine, preferably before they arrive in Hong Kong. If this is not possible, they can consult a doctor after they have arrived in Hong Kong.

The Government currently provides free MMR vaccination services to eligible FDHs at designated clinics and group/ outreach vaccination activities through outsourced private medical organisations. For details, please visit the designated webpage of the Centre for Health Protection (


This portal provides information relating to employment of foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) in Hong Kong, including the policy on importation of FDHs, as well as the publication and publicity materials on the rights and obligations of FDHs and their employers under the labour laws and the Standard Employment Contract for hiring FDHs. Both FDHs and their employers are encouraged to read the information in this website as well as the relevant materials before entering into a contract, or during the course of employment.

While it is not a requirement by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government that employers must recruit FDHs through, or FDHs to obtain employment from, employment agencies (EAs), it is a very common channel through which Hong Kong people employ FDHs. Respective home countries of FDHs may also have such requirement and they vary across countries. FDHs and employers are also encouraged to read the “Engaging an employment agency” section for the points to note when using the service of EAs. They may also use the search engine in the page for identifying EA(s) with valid licence in Hong Kong.

For matters relating to the eligibility criteria and procedures for applying for employment of FDHs, please visit the website of the Immigration Department.

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